‘Existing While Black’ sheds light on racial profiling and discrimination

Upset Black Man HUFFINGTON POST — HuffPost asked black readers to share their stories of being subjected to racial profiling and discrimination. They described moments when someone called the police on them for no apparent reason aside from their race. They recalled scenarios of cops stopping and searching them because their skin color made them look “suspicious.” They also said how maddening it is to live with the constant anxiety of possibly having their presence — and innocence — questioned. Existing While Black is a small collection of real anecdotes that underscores the unjust policing of black bodies, according to readers. Due to how deeply racism is woven into society’s DNA, this list is by no means comprehensive. HuffPost will continue to update this list and highlight the constant burden we face. This issue deserves more attention than a few headlines in the news cycle. Continue reading >>

Municipality overbooks electronic monitoring units, gets sued

A lawsuit filed in Ohio claims that at least 13 people who have posted bond are still in jail because the county ran out of monitoring units. The lawsuit says Martin has posted bond, but he is required by a judge’s order to wear an electronic monitoring unit and all of the units are currently in use. According to the lawsuit, the sheriff’s office has told Martin’s family that he is 13th on the waiting list. Read the full story here.

Law professor on the threat Trump poses to criminal justice reform

Attorney General Jeff SessionsWhat effects will Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ actions have on the advancements made in criminal justice reform? Law professor and author Angela J. Davis says despite the Trump administration’s best efforts, it won’t be so easy to roll back changes, although much more remains to be done. Read more about why she says black men face much more serious challenges than whites in this interview at Slate.

New Texas ‘Sandra Bland’ law signed by governor

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed into law a bill to make changes in how people with mental health and substance abuse issues are treated. The law addresses the circumstances surrounding the death of Sandra Bland, a black woman who died while in custody after her arrest at a routine traffic stop. Details in this story at the Texas Tribune.

Surveillance video sheds light on Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown – ABC News

When 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, police officers shared a video showing Brown with his hands around a shopkeeper’s neck as he makes off with a carton of cigarillos. Police called the incident a strong-arm robbery and argued that Brown had brought the same level of violence to his confrontation with officer Darren Wilson moments later. But previously unreleased surveillance video casts doubt on whether Brown robbed the store shortly before he was fatally shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.
Source: Surveillance video sheds light on Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown – ABC News

NAACP head: Sessions pledges to enforce civil rights laws – ABC News

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been on the job less than a month but has already made some civil rights groups nervous by indicating the Justice Department will likely soften its focus on protecting voter rights and monitoring troubled police departments. Source: NAACP head: Sessions pledges to enforce civil rights laws – ABC News