Emerging Recording Artist's Viral Anthem Keeps Spotlight on Police Brutality

Emerging artist Reggie Boone says that he wrote ‘No More’ after he sat in his living room watching the news about George Floyd, another black man, a human being’s life being taken and it scared people. Boone, who was discovered by Steve Harvey, says he writes lyrics to promote the message of equality, ending police brutality and the power behind genuinely getting to know each other beyond our skin color.

Reggie says that he sees the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict as definitely a pivotal step. But with the tragic shooting of Duante Wright, Boone continues his mission through his music to raise awareness about the violence incited against minorities with a message of upliftment to every human being, reminding them to love God and each other. Radio personality Michael Baisden premiered Reggie’s ‘No More’ video and it quickly racked up over 75k views. ‘I want to support artists like Reggie Boone, who like the greats, Marvin Gaye, Gill Scott Heron, and Curtis Mayfield create music with a message’ Baisden said. The video has been shared on various platforms garnering support for its overwhelming positive message and call for change.

Read the source article at BlackNews.com

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