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Living while black: CNN’s year-end report on racial profiling

CNN — It’s happened yet again. An African-American man in suburban Cleveland says a bank teller called police on him this month when he tried to cash a check from his employer. Although the man didn’t explicitly cry “racial profiling,” many observers see … Continue reading

⚖️ #ThrowbackThursday ⚖️

Today we honor George Lewis Ruffin (1961- ) who became the first African-American graduate of Harvard Law School in 1869. He was admitted to the Suffolk County Bar Association later that year. To honor his legacy and support minority groups … Continue reading

High-school student expelled for cursing hires civil rights lawyer with help from Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

MIAMI HERALD — Cyrus Nance, an 18-year-old senior who played on the varsity basketball team at American Heritage School with Dwyane Wade’s son and nephew, was kicked out of the elite school in November following a profane back-and-forth the student said was initiated by … Continue reading

Lawsuit filed: Police chief condones white officers’ racism, abuse

ASSOCIATED PRESS — According to a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday, white police officers in a Washington, D.C., suburb have used racist slurs, circulated text messages expressing a desire to “reinstitute lynching” and put a black face and Afro wig on … Continue reading

How race affects jury selection

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A new study by a North Carolina law school is said to prove racial bias in jury selection. The study, by the Wake Forest School of Law, shows that prosecutors remove about 20 percent of African-Americans from jury pools, compared to 10 percent … Continue reading

Police body-cam footage may prove officer planted evidence, officer denies

 NEW YORK TIMES — The New York Times has obtained body-camera recordings that document a marijuana arrest earlier this year on Staten Island. The videos offer a rare look at a type of encounter the public seldom sees, and show … Continue reading

Civil rights lawsuit filed after police shooting death of armed security guard

  NBC NEWS — An armed guard working at a bar in a Chicago suburb was killed early Nov. 11 by an officer who was responding to a call of shots fired, authorities say. According to the Cook County sheriff’s office, … Continue reading

Saks Fifth Avenue accused of race and age discrimination in lawsuit

  NBC NEWS — Eight men, the majority of whom are older and black, say they were subject to age and race discrimination while employed at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, alleging in a lawsuit filed Nov. 20 that … Continue reading

Birmingham’s first black sheriff, court officials rethink US policing

AL.COM (AP) — In a state where conservative politicians typically preach about getting tough on crime, the new sheriff of Jefferson County Alabama, veteran law enforcement officer Mark Pettway, ran and won on an alternative message. He favors decriminalizing marijuana, opposes … Continue reading

Trump accuses Black reporter of asking ‘racist question’ about his nationalist rhetoric

NEWSWEEK — President Donald Trump fired back at a Black female reporter who asked the president if his rhetoric about nationalism could be seen as heartening white supremacists across the country. The president called the question “racist.” “On the campaign … Continue reading