MD / Baltimore

Rickey Jones

Law Offices of Rev. Rickey N. Jones, Esq.
1701 Madison Ave Fl 3 Ste 5 
Baltimore , MD 21217


A Truly Transformed Follower of Jesus Christ That GOD Has Also Selected To Be HIS Holy Representative. GOD also selected Reverend Jones to practice law in a very exclusive law practice. The law practice is confined, principally, to representing innocent church members. 99% of the clients come from the church or Reverend Jones' associations with Pastors or affiliation with churches. All of the clients are in need of help due to being hurt, injured, or exploited by wrongdoers. The GOAL As Lawyer: Fervently Pursuing Truth and Justice for the Innocent. The GOAL as Pastor: Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with contextual clarity and supreme seriousness so people live GOD'S Holy Word, learn GOD'S Holy Word, share GOD'S Holy Word, and overcome The Adversary. Seriousness about living like Jesus is critical in this age since, biblically, there can be no salvation without transformation (2 Corin. 5:17, John 3:3, Romans 6:1-2). True Christianity is a daily lifestyle of obedience to GOD'S Holy Word, not talk, position, degrees, or Pastorship (1 John 2:3-6).
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