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A former prosecutor, Carlos Johnson Attorney at Law has the experience you need to feel confident in the courtroom. With a rich experience as a legal expert, you can rely on Carlos Johnson's expertise without second thought.

Here are a few examples of cases Carlos Johnson Attorney at Law has fought with success:

Number: CR-08-506993-A
Caption: The State of Ohio vs. Patrick Peacock
Judge Name: Bridget M. McCafferty
Statute: 2907.02.A(2) Rape
Statute: 2905.01.A(2) Kidnapping

Defendant in court with Counsel Carlos Johnson. Prosecuting attorney Brian Radigan and Micah Ault present. Court reporter present. The jury returns a verdict of not guilty on all counts. Defendant ordered release. 05/07/2008 CPSAM 05/07/2008 15:47:32.