Podcast: Racial inequities in the criminal justice system

Paul ButlerGeorgetown law professor Paul Butler is a former federal prosecutor in Washington, DC who once put people in prison. Now, he believes that prisons ought to be abolished. In this podcast by the ABA Journal available at the Legal Talk Network, Butler talks about the racial inequities that are built into the criminal justice system, advice for young black men when they deal with police officers, and his belief that something radical, not gradual, is needed to address the civil rights issues that remain in the justice system.

Law professor on the threat Trump poses to criminal justice reform

Attorney General Jeff SessionsWhat effects will Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ actions have on the advancements made in criminal justice reform? Law professor and author Angela J. Davis says despite the Trump administration’s best efforts, it won’t be so easy to roll back changes, although much more remains to be done. Read more about why she says black men face much more serious challenges than whites in this interview at Slate.