Whites killing black men more likely to be ruled ‘justifiable’

racial justiceWhen a black man is killed by a white person in America, the crime is statistically more likely to be ruled ‘justifiable,’ according to a report by The Marshall Project. The organization examined more than 400,000 homicides between 1980 and 2014, and found that in one out of six of these killings, no charges were filed. That works out to 17% of cases where a black man was killed by a non-Hispanic white civilian. Details on the study are available at The Marshall Project website.

Attorney says evidence clears Missouri man facing death penalty

UPDATE: The Washington Post reports that Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has stayed Marcellus Williams’ execution, and will appoint a board to investigate the DNA evidence that Williams’ attorneys say clears him. Marcellus Williams is scheduled to be executed this evening in Missouri, but his attorney says Williams’ DNA is not on the murder weapon and is fighting to stop the execution. Williams’ attorney is asking the Supreme Court to halt the execution and consider the new evidence. However, prosecutors say the DNA evidence doesn’t overcome other evidence connecting Williams to the crime. A jury convicted Williams of the stabbing death of 42-year-old newspaper reporter Felicia Gayle, who was stabbed 43 times in her home in August 1998. CNN has details on Williams’ fight to stay alive.  

Texas cop indicted for murder in death of black teen

TexasA Texas grand jury has indicted a former Dallas area policeman on murder and assault charges in the death of an unarmed black teenager. Roy Oliver is accused of fatally shooting 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, an honor student and athlete who was leaving a house party in a car with other teens in April. CNN has details on the indictment.

White suspect in black man’s killing indicted on terror charges

A white Army veteran who prosecutors said traveled to New York with plans to kill black men, has been indicted on state charges of terrorism. James Harris Jackson is accused of fatally stabbing a 66-year-old stranger with a sword. The Manhattan D.A., Cyrus Vance, said Jackson searched for days for victims of his “campaign of terrorism.” Ashley Southall has details in this story from The New York Times.