P&G’s new ad addresses implicit racial bias against Black men

P&G continues to address uncomfortable conversations with, “The Look,” a new ad confronting implicit racial bias against black men. This is not the first time P&G has tackled racism through its marketing campaigns. ‘The Look’ follows ‘The Talk’ which shows the tough conversation that most Black parents must have with their children about being safe in America. The new ad is meant to address negative stereotypes that were inadvertently perpetuated by ‘The Talk’. Geoff Edwards, a co-founder of Saturday Morning said to P&G exec Randall Smith that the original ad didn’t accurately depict the African-American father figure. “Our goal with this film is to urge people to have an honest conversation and not pretend that unconscious bias doesn’t exist,” added Edwards. “The film ends with the line ‘Let’s talk about the look so we can see beyond it.’ This is really a call to action for dialogue.” Read the full story >>