Explore The History of the Black Vote

“NBC News has assembled for the first time a record of the black vote for each competitive Democratic presidential campaign since exit polling began.” According to NBC News, Black voters are likely to account for at least 25% of all ballots cast in the democratic party’s presidential primaries, more than tripling — almost quadrupling — the number of votes we accounted for just a few decades ago. Take a stroll through history and learn more about the major societal changes that were made possible by help from Black voters. Read the full story >> 

New bill requires felons to pay fees before they can vote

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that would make people with felonies pay all of their fines before they are allowed to vote again. The amendment officially went into effect in January of 2019 and allows people convicted of a felony, except for sexual crimes and murder to vote once they “complete all terms of their sentence including parole or probation.” So far, due to the legislation, an estimated 840,000 people would be eligible to register. However, the bill has been criticized by civil rights groups stating that it is similar to a poll tax and that many people convicted of felonies have fines that they could never repay, thus they wouldn’t be able to vote. Read the full story >>