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A Survivor of Police Brutality Starts an Online Community for Fellow Survivors

On May 13, 2021, Brittany Chrishawn (Williams-Moore) celebrated the one-year anniversary of her survival of police brutality. In celebration, she released a video showing her recovery progress over the past year with never seen before footage. But most importantly, she launched the official website for The LMLM Network where women survivors of police brutality can join together and have their voices heard.

LMLM stands for “Love Me or Leave Me”, and the network was created after Brittany Chrishawn produced an award-winning film about police brutality (Illville) and was then coincidentally brutalized by JSO police. She later decided that she could help herself and others through film.

After releasing her body camera video and revealing to the world how she’d been wrongfully beaten and sexually harassed by male police officers, many other women reached out to Brittany with similar stories that have gone untold. So, The LMLM Network gives other women survivors of police brutality a chance to share their stories and support one another.

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