Message to The National Black Lawyers Top 100 Family

August 2, 2021

“If the society today allows wrongs to go unchallenged, the impression is

created that those wrongs have the approval of the majority.”

--Barbara Jordan


Like many of you, I have been struggling with the horrific death of George

Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. He is certainly not the first

African-American to be killed by police, and if history proves us right, he won’t

be the last. The shock and horror of Mr. Floyd’s death has hit many of us as a

final straw in our never-ending battle against police misconduct and oppression

targeted at our communities. As I watched my thirteen-year old daughter make

posters to take to a non-violent protest march in our community, I was sickened

by the number of names that she wrote on her poster. The number of dead Black

people. Unfortunately, she would not be able to fit the real number on her

poster, the people she never heard about, the people whose deaths were not

captured on video for the world to witness.


As I help to mobilize my law firm in my role as National Chair of the Civil

Rights Practice Group to assist as many police victims as possible, and to fully

engage in the continued efforts to make systemic changes in how Black and

Brown people are policed, I am disheartened that the work of my predecessors

and mentors remains incomplete. As we move forward as a nation striving to

make this country a more perfect union, we need the white community to walk

with us in this battle against racism. Some of my white friends have been

completely silent on the murderous actions of these police officers, instead

choosing to weigh in solely on issues related to the protesters, particularly the

outliers who have resorted to looting and other property crimes. Buildings can

be rebuilt, but lives cannot be brought back from the dead. White people must

commit to being vigilant allies in eradicating racism and discrimination.


Let us all use these tragedies as a rallying call for civic and legal engagement.

Register voters, support candidates who are committed to ending racist policing,

vote in every election for every level of office from district attorneys, school

board members, mayors, senators and president, engage in your communities,

educate the public by writing articles highlighting the importance of the Constitution

in equally protecting all members of our society, write amicus briefs on

critical issues and provide expertise and mentorship to new lawyers.

We can make a difference together.



Tracey L. Brown


© Copyright 2021, All Rights Reserved | National Black Lawyers
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