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Talent Agents Join to Create Black Agent Network

Century City, CA — theFstate, Makena’s Talent Agency, and The Jackson Agency have partnered to form the Black Agents Network (BAN) to provide a centralized network of Black-owned talent agencies so that talent, advertisers, producers, and studios can easily fulfill their Diversity and Inclusion pledge.

BAN will serve as a virtual directory of vetted Black-owned talent agencies thereby ensuring our entertainment community has the support it needs.

“With over 400 years of disparity and with intentional roadblocks being put in place for the detriment of BIPOC we have been successful in creating global contributions and advancements in multiple industries that benefit society as a whole. How much further along would the world be if we used the very same effort in support of BIPOC rather than a hindrance?” says Ezra Jones of theFstate.

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