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The Forbes Next 1000 List Names the Black Business Owner of Big Red's Hot Sauce

Paul Ford and his wife, Tasia, the owners of Big Red’s Hot Sauce have always been known for bringing the full flavor of hot sauces with the heat you love! With over 11 different sauces and growing, they are known for creating some of the best sauces you’ll ever taste.

The couple was on their way to make waves with their 12 state “Flavor tour” Tour. This tour included hot sauces expos and competitions to spread the name of Big Red’s Hot Sauce across states such as New York, North Carolina, Oregon, California, and New Mexico just to name a few.

This tour alone was set to take Big Red’s Hot Sauce to the next level. Then the pandemic hit, and the primarily customer-facing business was threatened. However, Paul had other plans and quickly pivoted to change the scope of the business. As a manufacturer, he saw opportunities to help not just his business, but others like his own. He was able to use his manufacturing skills and knowledge and equipment to create a new revenue stream.

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