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The Page Sisters Have Earned Five HCBU Degrees

The Page sisters — Jamilah, Hadiyah, and Ayannah — have celebrated a special moment together as they all recently graduated with their respective degrees. The three sisters from Alabama, who were all HBCU alumnae, have already earned a total of five degrees.

The three have all graduated from Tuskegee University. Years ago, the eldest of the three, Jamila earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Sciences and Dietetics while Hadiyah, the middle sister, earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology.

Most recently, Ayannah, the youngest one, earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a concentration in Biology. Her older sisters joined in the celebration as Jamila also received her Ph.D. from Auburn University and Hadiyah graduated with Master of Public Health from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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