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A Haitian-American Woman Is Being Named an African Queen

Since 2004, the nonprofit Valley of Love Ministries has been helping to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and provide physical and spiritual support to the needy in Palm Beach County (PBC), Fla.

And it has done much. The nonprofit started in a small space on Broadway Avenue, moved to a multi-unit complex on Blue Heron Boulevard, and now is in an even-larger space on 45th Street that provides more services, more support, more help. Indeed, she helps more than 300 people a day.

Thanks to those efforts, and much more, the founder will now be an African Queen.

Marie Antoinette Jean-Pierre Theligene is that person. On September 9, 2021, she will be named by the country of Nigeria as an “African Queen” and will be recognized over the course of a 10-day coronation celebration.

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