The NBL Top 100 Executive Committee voted unanimously at our March meeting to endorse the 
“Guidelines and Best Practices for Judges Appointing Lawyers to Leadership Positions in MDL and Class-Action Litigation."
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Continuing Legal Education

This committee focuses on creating and finding opportunities for our members to present CLEs locally, nationally and internationally.

Judicial Awareness

In an effort to increase the diversity of the bench, this committee publicizes judicial vacancies across the country to our members. This committee also works with members to help prepare stellar judicial applications and conduct mock interviews.

Leadership Development

This committee is focused on educating and assisting members with rising to the next level of their careers. More specifically, this committee leads panels and webinars on how to become rainmakers, (equity) partners, managing partners, etc. This committee also focuses on career transitions and how to obtain leadership positions within firms and associations.


This committee designs networking events for our members. It partners with sponsors to create events that are social and/or educational and meets the needs of our members in particular states or regions.

Public Speakers

This committee works with the media to provide quotes/articles or find members to provide quotes/articles on issues affecting African American attorneys, the African American community or the legal profession in general.
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