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sandra robinson

Sandra Robinson

Top 100 President
Sandra H. Robinson, an experienced trial attorney with The Cochran Firm, D.C., handles catastrophic medical malpractice and personal injury cases. She has settled or won at trial malpractice cases in the six- and seven-figure range; in a single year she won more than $20 million in jury awards on behalf of victims of malpractice.
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Our monthly webinars are focused on issues of particular importance to African American attorneys.

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Our members are experts within their practice areas. For this reason, we work to create and provide opportunities for our members to lead CLEs and other panels, write articles, provide media quotes and otherwise share their expertise with larger audiences.

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We have five standing committees: Continuing Legal Education, Judicial Awareness, Leadership Development, Networking and Public Speaking.

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Get a member profile in the NBL Lawyer Directory including your name, picture, biography, and a link to your firm website to help boost SEO. Get your work published in our monthly newsletter and our legal blog.

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NBL Members get an exclusive discount to the Trial Lawyers Summit every year in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida, where conference guests stay in a luxurious Miami Beach Resort.

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Be proud to be a part of The NBL Top 100. We offer achievement products to display your membership. We also offer services to Lawline and Blue Shark Digital at a discount for being an NBL member.
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