Afiya Hinkson

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Afiya F. Hinkson 
The Hinkson Firm LLC

Attorney Afiya F. Hinkson was born in Bronx, New York, but has called Georgia home since her very early years. In May 2009, Attorney Hinkson began her legal career and has more than a decade of diversified legal experience and is tremendously knowledgeable in various areas of law including family law, child welfare law, contract law, criminal law, amongst other legal areas.

Attorney Hinkson is building a daily legacy of noteworthy brilliance in the law community and around the State of Georgia as a professional leader and diligent law counsel. Recently, she made history as the first African American Special Assistant Attorney General for Forsyth County in the State of Georgia for the Department of Family and Children Services. Through her astute and fervent commitment to the judiciary and those she serves, she has built a phenomenal career based on undeniable excellence. Additionally, Attorney Hinkson consistently works in both the superior and juvenile courts throughout the state, providing her with the rare and unique ability to maneuver and understand both courts’ systems, policies and laws – all of which are distinctly different.

Attorney Hinkson became a registered mediator in 2018 and is looking to make huge strides within courts and law firms throughout the State of Georgia by assisting with resolving legal disputes without the expense of full litigation.

Attorney Hinkson strives to be a powerful presence in the lives of people by speaking at events and providing imperative information pertaining to family and child welfare law. Attorney Hinkson believes it is important for people to have the experience of meeting attorneys in a positive light, shattering the misconception that interactions with attorneys only occur during tumultuous times. Her goal is to make lasting impressions on anyone she encounters and to put clients at ease during difficult and life altering times.

As the Owner and Managing Attorney of The Hinkson Firm, LLC, Attorney Hinkson is dedicated to the extreme championing of those in the community by making clients the top priority. Law is more than a career or profession for Attorney Hinkson but a purpose to serve others with remarkable devotion and unshakeable morals.

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