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Students Face Racial Discrimination at LSU

LSU is a predominantly White institution, and sometimes minority students feel a separation due to long-standing stereotypes. 

LSU first-year student, Heaven Mullen said, “It’s something that I’ve faced. As a freshman this is the first time I've experienced something like that so it’s just eye opening to like wow, this is how people really are.”

According to LSU’s 2018-2019 Climate Survey, a bulk of minority students reported some concern about racial and ethnic discrimination at LSU. Nearly half of White students reported being “not at all” concerned while nearly three-quarters of Black students reported concern. Acts of discrimnation are reported and seen within informal class group chats like GroupMe, within LSU student organizations and at sporting events. 

Just last month, students reported a White classmate using the "N-word" to express personal frustrations in their class GroupMe. 


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