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This Black Woman Is Helping Incarcerated Youth and Men Become Entrepreneurs

Dr. Shanna Carter, known as “The Purpose Resuscitator,” has overcome many obstacles in her life but the reward of empowering and encouraging people, especially youth and incarcerated males, to use every gift, talent, and skills they have to be great, was worth the struggle.

Her organization, Krumpin 4 Success, Inc, aims to decrease risk-taking behavior in our youth 16-2 while promoting academic success, financial stability, economic sufficiency, and positive mental health. Dr. Carter, better known as The Purpose Resuscitator: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities. Helping you reach your greater purpose is doing this for our incarcerated and at-risk.

Dr. Carter started the “No More Boxes” youth entrepreneur program as the first entrepreneur summer camp in Jacksonville, FL in 2015. After she became a bigger advocate for incarcerated youth, she started a program for incarcerated youth in 2016 in two juvenile facilities in Jacksonville, Florida. In two years, over 50 youth were provided training and opportunities to launch businesses before they were released. One has a patented invention, another one is in prototype stage, two groups of 8 young men were able to pitch at FedEx Youth Business Event during golf tournament with celebrity judges. One group of 5 was able to receive an investment from a local angel investor. Dr. Carter’s entrepreneur program takes the participants from idea to marketing including logos, website, emails.

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